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Cable making- An introduction:

Every year approximate a million of feet of wires and cables are made to be installed in buildings, houses and companies which require a full structural management. These wires are mainly made tolerant to different environmental conditions and are subjected to diverse environmental conditions. Every situation calls for a different quality and type of wire because not all cables are same and not all cables require a similar cable marker to pin point it. Cable markers mark the cables and wires in order to associate them with the type and for the product they are being used with. There are a lot of types of cable markers that are listed on wires. Few of them include, the UL listing, Information about the wire, the lasting dates, edition of the cable according to the National Electrical Code. Cable markers basically provide information about the installation and to ensure the information history.


Cable markers are thought to be so diverse and also clear kind of markers. They are used to label all sizes of cables and hence, they are of different kinds. Each type is used based on the size and width of the cable to be marked on. Following are the major types of cable markers that are available at our shop and these are quite commonly used too:

Heat shrink cable markers: These are the cable markers that are made up of polyolefin. These have high quality electrical and physical performance and they are made to be flame tolerant too. These cable markers are of tough material and they have general to specific resistance to commonly found fluids and different flexible solvents. They consist of higher dielectrically strength.

Self-laminating wire labels: Self-laminating wire labels are specially made material that is used in labels that are required to wrap around different cables and wires. They are structurally made this way to keep the wire in place without giving them any space to move freely or easily lift. It ensures the proximity level of the cables and also makes it durable and strong for a longer span.

Cable tags: Cable tags are also a type of cable markers. They are majorly used to identify the difference between a bundle of different wires, cables, grounding cable types, communicational wires or data center cabling wires. Cable tags are basically made of a thermally transferring printer and are never exposed to hand printing. Thermal transfer printing justifies the strength of wires even five times and it makes the overall satisfaction about the quality, durability and legibility of the cable.

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We at industrial labeling deal in every kind of cable marker that is an essential and helpful aid in cable bundle export and sale deals. Check this website to find out more details.




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